Nine Patch Quilting….and random stuff

I am finally quilting on the nine patch.  Got up this morning and got the backing ready and spent 2 hours in the floor pin basting it (which is my LEAST favorite thing to do).  Nine Patch BastingOnce I finally got the pinning done, I had the dilemma of which color thread to use to quilt it with.  I really wanted to use the red Finca Perle 8 but after asking a good friend who is an awesome quilter, the decision was made to stick with the black.  I wanted a traditional, old fashioned look since I deliberately sought out 1930’s reproduction prints and am using Bella solids 1930’s yellow for the backing and binding, so………….black it is.  I’m really happy with how it’s looking too.

Nine patch red or black

Nine Patch Pick Stitch

So, hopefully it won’t take too long to finish this one.  It seems to be going pretty fast so far, which is a good thing since I’ve fallen behind on the rest of the projects on my to do list.  🙂

I also did some random creating on Friday.  My male dog, Riley, is having major testosterone brain and has decided that he HAS to mark my house (and not the outside of it).  I had bought some boy dog wraps for him but they just don’t fit, they have elastic in them and he just wiggles right out of them whenever he wants to.  So, I fixed that problem.   🙂   No elastic, simple band, with Velcro.   He hates them, as is obvious from his photos, but mom is happier.


Riley 2


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