More stuff…

For some reason that last post left out some of the pics and stuff that I had in there so I’ll put them in this one.

The Lattice quilt.  The second top I ever pieced, followed a tutorial on the Missouri Star Quilt Company site.  This one was made using Folklore fabric, by Lily Ashbury for Moda.  It’s VERY bright!

Lattice quilt front

And the back.

Lattice quilt back

Yes, I cut off the points on the top and bottom in the binding but oh well.  It’s done!

Then there’s this one that I gifted to my sister a couple of weeks ago. Super fast and easy pattern but the fabrics are awesome.

Faiths quilt

I forgot to get a pic of it after it was bound and washed.  Oops.

And this is a shot of the Liberty Log Cabin quilt that my friend Rebecca quilted for me.  This one is probably at the top of my favorites list.  The contrast between the grays and the Liberty Lawn florals, both in color and hand, is amazing.

Liberty log cabin finish

I have to get my good camera out and stop taking pics with my phone.  Promise I’ll do that from now on!!

I believe that with the finish on the hourglass quilt last night, that brings me to a total of 9 finished quilts.  In a little over a year of quilting. Not a record I’m sure but hopefully now that I have the longarm things will speed up a lot.

I’m also getting closer to finishing the Flowering Snowball 2.  The first one I made was gifted to my mother last fall.

Snowball quilt 2

Snowball stitching

This one I’m keeping for me.  🙂


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