Not much progress……..

So even though I’ve got too many projects going on at once, I haven’t made much progress since my last post.  I managed to finish the last 20 blocks for the nine patch last week but it’s still on the design wall, waiting for me to finalize the layout and get it all put together.  😦    I’m not happy with the value placement and the picture shows exactly what I’m talking about.  Need to do some shifting and just haven’t had the brain cells to get started on it.

Nine patch

The flowering snowball and the fabrics for the baby quilts are also sitting there waiting for me.  Not to even mention the rest of the ideas and things I am dying to do.

The reason I haven’t made much progress is because hubby and I are house hunting.  As anyone that has been through the process knows, its time consuming, frustrating, and exciting all at the same time.  It’s also a major distraction and is keeping me from my sewing machine.  Spending hours on the computer searching listings and talking to realtors.  Keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll find something soon that we love so I can start concentrating on these blocks again!

A finish…..and a tip

The flowering snowball is finished.  I’m so tickled with how this quilt turned out and can’t wait to start on the next one.  The quilting went really quickly and I love the old fashioned look and feel of the pick stitching along with the 30’s style fabrics.

Flowering snowball finished 1

Flowering snowball binding

As for the tip, when I started doing the quilting on this one, I knew I wanted my stitches to be roughly 1/4″, with 1/4″ spacing and was trying to figure out how to get fairly close (knowing that eyeballing the stitch length and spacing probably wouldn’t work very well for me).  First I tried marking 1/4″ from the tip of the needle with a black fine point Sharpie, which I then lit on fire hoping to heat set it well enough to last.  It lasted for a while but eventually it started rubbing off and getting harder and harder to see.  So, rather than do that again, I just got the Dremel tool out and scratched the needle shank 1/4″ from the tip.  Now while I know that sounds strange and probably isn’t something most quilters would suggest, it worked like  a charm.  As the needle passes through the fabric, you can feel that scratch on the shank of the needle catch a touch on the fabric and automatically know that you’re at your 1/4″ mark.  While I wouldn’t necessarily suggest using this trick on anything other than cotton fabrics, for fear that it might cause a snag or pull in the fabric, I had no problems at all with this issue on cotton.  While my stitches aren’t perfect and I wouldn’t want anyone to take a ruler to them, they also aren’t supposed to be perfect on this type of stitch so it’s all good!!

Second favorite……

Flowering snowball basting Chloe supervising

Princess Chloe Belle supervising and making sure it’s going to be comfy!

Also in response to a question by Rebecca regarding my favorites, I think that the one I’m working on right now is fast moving up the line and may take the 1st place spot! The Flowering Snowball, which was inspired by a quilt I saw on Molly Flanders Makerie blog site. The fabrics and quilting were completely perfect and I HAD to make one the moment I saw it. I’ve just started quilting on it today but am hoping it won’t take too long to finish it. I am already planning to make a couple more in this same pattern.

Granddaughters quilt

In response to a great question from Rebecca, this is one of my favorite quilts that I’ve done so far. I did this one for my granddaughter for her 1st birthday last month and am so tickled with how it turned out!

Granddaughters quilt for her birthday last month.

Granddaughters quilt for her birthday last month.

Front of quilt

Front of quilt

Pieced back of baby quilt

Pieced back of baby quilt

Showing off the awesome quiltiness (which my good friend Rebecca did on her longarm machine for me!)

Showing off the awesome quiltiness (which my good friend Rebecca did on her longarm machine for me!)

Jumping right in………..

Hello! This will be my very first blog post! I’m so excited to be able to talk about the things I love with everyone! As you’ve probably already noticed, my hobby (obsession) is quilting. While I’ve been sewing since junior high school (a very long time ago), and have made clothing, drapes, curtains, pillows and other crafts, I had always wanted to make quilts.

I was inspired by my Aunt Nannies nine patch quilt, which is the cover photo for this blog. She made this quilt in the 1940’s and I have always loved it. The entire quilt is hand pieced and hand quilted, with a self binding on it. While it’s not fancy, the time and love that went into this quilt continues to inspire me every day to do what I love. There have been several quilters in my family and I’ve been told by my mother that I come by it naturally.

So, I just wanted to say hello and to introduce myself! I’m so excited about this opportunity and looking forward to sharing and learning from other quilters and sewists!