Nine Patch Quilting….and random stuff

I am finally quilting on the nine patch.  Got up this morning and got the backing ready and spent 2 hours in the floor pin basting it (which is my LEAST favorite thing to do).  Nine Patch BastingOnce I finally got the pinning done, I had the dilemma of which color thread to use to quilt it with.  I really wanted to use the red Finca Perle 8 but after asking a good friend who is an awesome quilter, the decision was made to stick with the black.  I wanted a traditional, old fashioned look since I deliberately sought out 1930’s reproduction prints and am using Bella solids 1930’s yellow for the backing and binding, so………….black it is.  I’m really happy with how it’s looking too.

Nine patch red or black

Nine Patch Pick Stitch

So, hopefully it won’t take too long to finish this one.  It seems to be going pretty fast so far, which is a good thing since I’ve fallen behind on the rest of the projects on my to do list.  🙂

I also did some random creating on Friday.  My male dog, Riley, is having major testosterone brain and has decided that he HAS to mark my house (and not the outside of it).  I had bought some boy dog wraps for him but they just don’t fit, they have elastic in them and he just wiggles right out of them whenever he wants to.  So, I fixed that problem.   🙂   No elastic, simple band, with Velcro.   He hates them, as is obvious from his photos, but mom is happier.


Riley 2


Nine patch……….

Finally finished the nine patch top!  Yay!  Didn’t think I was ever going to get to sew again at the rate things were going around here so am tickled to at least get this much done.  Now to order the backing and binding.  I’m leaning towards a solid soft yellow or very pale green and think I’ll self bind this one.  Am debating whether to pick stitch this one or machine quilt it.  Will have to think on that a little.  🙂

Nine patch top

IPad prop

Had a few minutes this afternoon and have been wanting to make one of these for my IPad for a while now.  I used a tutorial I found online here .  I like the way it turned out and it’s perfect for my smart phone but it’s a touch too short for the IPad, I think.  Next time I’ll enlarge the pattern a couple of inches.

IPad prop 1 IPad prop 2

Not much progress……..

So even though I’ve got too many projects going on at once, I haven’t made much progress since my last post.  I managed to finish the last 20 blocks for the nine patch last week but it’s still on the design wall, waiting for me to finalize the layout and get it all put together.  😦    I’m not happy with the value placement and the picture shows exactly what I’m talking about.  Need to do some shifting and just haven’t had the brain cells to get started on it.

Nine patch

The flowering snowball and the fabrics for the baby quilts are also sitting there waiting for me.  Not to even mention the rest of the ideas and things I am dying to do.

The reason I haven’t made much progress is because hubby and I are house hunting.  As anyone that has been through the process knows, its time consuming, frustrating, and exciting all at the same time.  It’s also a major distraction and is keeping me from my sewing machine.  Spending hours on the computer searching listings and talking to realtors.  Keeping our fingers crossed that we’ll find something soon that we love so I can start concentrating on these blocks again!

Soooo many projects at once………

After finishing the flowering snowball (which has been mailed off to my mother as a surprise), I immediately started cutting fabrics for the second one but have only managed to get 3 of the 30 blocks together so far.   Mostly using the same fabrics but have added a few new ones to the mix for greater variety and to make it a little easier to arrange the blocks final placement without having the same fabrics too close to each other.  Irritates  me when that happens.

Second flowering snowball fabrics

In addition to the flowering snowball, I’ve also cut a ton of fabrics for a nine patch that I’ve wanted to make forever.  The cover photo on this blog is a nine patch that my Aunt Nannie made.  I look at this quilt every single day and it amazes me to look at the fabric choices, both patterns and colors and that it’s all just sort of seemingly thrown together with no obvious color matching or anything but that it works!  I completely love the absolute scrappiness of it.  So, in keeping with how she did it, I plan to basically use no rhyme or reason to my piecing of the blocks.  It may be hideous when I finish it (but I don’t think so).  I’m using scraps of just about everything.  Patterns, solids, stripes, florals, every color.  So, we’ll see what happens!

Nine patch fabrics

Then, these fabrics came.  Planning baby quilts out of these.  I absolutely love the soft mint green!  Can’t wait to get these cut and start getting the blocks together.  🙂

Baby quilt fabrics

Of course, I’d probably be making faster progress on all of the above quilts in progress if it weren’t for this project that hubby and I started this past weekend.  A custom sewing table.  I’ve been painting since Sunday and am not finished yet (still have to put one more coat on one of the legs), then we can start putting it all together.  I love the color!   It’s called Cockatoo by Pantone Universe at Lowes.  I had to have something bright and happy and I’m pretty sure I got it!  🙂  The cutting table will be next on the list.

Sewing table

Have a great day!!

A finish…..and a tip

The flowering snowball is finished.  I’m so tickled with how this quilt turned out and can’t wait to start on the next one.  The quilting went really quickly and I love the old fashioned look and feel of the pick stitching along with the 30’s style fabrics.

Flowering snowball finished 1

Flowering snowball binding

As for the tip, when I started doing the quilting on this one, I knew I wanted my stitches to be roughly 1/4″, with 1/4″ spacing and was trying to figure out how to get fairly close (knowing that eyeballing the stitch length and spacing probably wouldn’t work very well for me).  First I tried marking 1/4″ from the tip of the needle with a black fine point Sharpie, which I then lit on fire hoping to heat set it well enough to last.  It lasted for a while but eventually it started rubbing off and getting harder and harder to see.  So, rather than do that again, I just got the Dremel tool out and scratched the needle shank 1/4″ from the tip.  Now while I know that sounds strange and probably isn’t something most quilters would suggest, it worked like  a charm.  As the needle passes through the fabric, you can feel that scratch on the shank of the needle catch a touch on the fabric and automatically know that you’re at your 1/4″ mark.  While I wouldn’t necessarily suggest using this trick on anything other than cotton fabrics, for fear that it might cause a snag or pull in the fabric, I had no problems at all with this issue on cotton.  While my stitches aren’t perfect and I wouldn’t want anyone to take a ruler to them, they also aren’t supposed to be perfect on this type of stitch so it’s all good!!